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Periodontal treatment halts the process of gingivitis and the spread of gum disease.

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Periodontal treatment halts the process of gingivitis and the spread of gum disease.


Gum disease or periodontal disease can cause a host of problems from bad breath to tooth decay and worse. Treatment of periodontal disease is done by the use of a procedure known as root scaling and planing. Your dentist will clean under the gumline, removing bacteria that could cause teeth to decay or become loose. Getting timely periodontal treatment from a good dentist could stem the problem and give you much-needed relief from your symptoms. Dr. Allen Williams has been in practice for over 27 years and is highly experienced in handling all cases of periodontal disease.

According to CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) data from 2009-10, about 1 in 2 adults in the United States have some stage of periodontal disease, so you’re not alone in this problem. This disease is the result of infection of the gums usually due to improper oral care. The plaque that builds up on your gum line needs to be removed when you rinse your mouth, brush, or floss your teeth. Unfortunately, if you don’t manage to get rid of all of this sticky substance on a daily basis, it can cause inflammation. Over time, this will result in the gums slowly separating from the teeth. The gap that results is the ideal environment for pathogenic bacteria to flourish. Left unchecked it could even spread beyond your gums, infecting the bone and causing you to lose your teeth.

Dedicated, Caring, Expert

Dedicated, Caring, Expert



When it comes to dental hygiene in general, preventive care is always best. However, if you do find yourself faced with a possible infection or early stages of periodontal disease, it is vital that you have it attended to right away. Every week that you put off seeing your dentist could cause the infection to worsen or spread.

Ultimately, periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection. Just as you wouldn’t ignore a bacterial infection in another part of your body, your teeth and gums too, need to be cared for to overcome this infection. Knowing what signs to look out for will help you get the medical attention of your dentist in time.


The first stage of periodontal disease is something known as gingivitis. You may notice that your gums are a little redder than normal. They might also be tender to the touch or feel puffy or mildly swollen. If you don’t intervene at this stage, the symptoms start to become more visible.

• You might find your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or try and floss.
• Your teeth and gums may become more sensitive to temperature(drinking or eating something hot or cold could cause pain).
• You may notice pain when you chew.
• You may develop bad breath or feel a bad taste in your mouth.
• Your gum line may begin to recede
• Your teeth could feel like they are loosening up

Some people may even develop pus near the gum line.


There’s no one size fits all approach to this. Your dentist will recommend treatment depending on how advanced the disease is. For many, a simple deep cleaning of the teeth and gums can work wonders and help stop the problem in its tracks. This is relatively quick and painless and easily taken care of with the scaling the dentist performs. Root planing may also be done to help the gum tissue to heal and allow the gums to reattach to your teeth.

If you’ve let the problem fester much longer, the treatment may need to be more advanced. This might involve the use of antibiotics and antimicrobial medication to cut the infection, ease inflammation, and support the natural healing process of the body. The medication will usually also help ease any pain you might be experiencing due to the gum disease. In some cases, surgical methods like flap reduction surgery (to reduce the gap between the gums and teeth) may be essential if other lines of treatment are inadequate for the advanced stage of the disease. Skilled dentists like Dr. Williams at Clearwater Smiles Dentistry are highly experienced and trained to handle such cases, so you don’t have to worry. Typically, your dentist will also make suggestions for a revised oral healthcare regimen for you to follow at home.


When it comes to periodontal treatment, you can’t afford to take chances with a less experienced team or one you aren’t comfortable with. You’ll need someone you can trust, with the expertise needed to recommend the right decisions for you. Clearwater Smiles Dentistry has served thousands of members of the community in its 27 years of existence. The well-trained staff are both experienced and welcoming, creating an atmosphere that’s both reassuring and warm. At the center, you’ll be in the able hands of the very experienced Dr. Williams, who has been in the field of cosmetic dentistry for decades.

With periodontal disease, every single day matters. So don’t put off making that call to set up your appointment. Or if you’re ready for that consultation right away, swing by the center at 1527 S Highland Ave, Clearwater, Florida.