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A white smile can increase your confidence and create an excellent first impression!

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A white smile can increase your confidence and create an excellent first impression!


Teeth whitening is a procedure undertaken to lighten and brighten the teeth that have suffered discoloration due to a film accumulating on the enamel. This also happens to be one of the most popular and frequently undertaken cosmetic dental procedure. Teeth whitening is not a one-time procedure. It should be conducted every once in a while, as and when discoloration of teeth is noticed.Not only can this help boost your self-confidence, it can allow you to take your mind off worrying about your teeth enough to land that great job, audition, or what have you!

Teeth Whitening Experts

Teeth Whitening Experts



The tooth has an outer layer called an enamel. How the natural teeth look is a result of the reflection of light by the enamel and the color of the dentin that lies beneath it. Not everyone has the same type and thickness of enamel on their teeth, as it is largely a matter of gene that gives each person a different kind of enamel. The thinner the enamel, the more of the dentin lying below is visible, giving off the discolored look on the teeth.

Here are some reasons that lead to discoloration of the tooth and thus leading to the need of tooth whitening:

  • Chewing tobacco
  • Smoking
  • Drinking liquids that are dark in color, e.g. Cola, coffee, tea, wine
  • Improper dental routine

Teeth also lose their luster and brightness due to aging, as the enamel wears off leading the dentin to start showing.


The dentist will first talk to you to understand your food habits and lifestyle and help ascertain the cause of teeth discoloration. This step is necessary as they can help identify the causes and ensure that you avoid the food and activities that lead to said discoloration.

Next, they would need to do a bit of dental groundwork, especially if there are cases of tooth decay and cavities, since these need to be filled before the teeth whitening work begins. If not addressed the whitening solution can pass through the crevices and into the cavity, which is not advisable. Also, in cases of receded gums, the visible portions of the tooth cannot be treated for discoloration with any whitening solution. Porcelain and ceramic crowns too cannot be whitened.

After the dentist has ascertained the extent of cleaning and whitening that is required, they will start with cleaning the buildup on your teeth which includes, bacteria, plaque, and food. Once the cleaning process is complete, the whitening process starts.

The whitening procedure consists of two types of whitening: Vital and non-vital.

Vital whitening is done on teeth which have their nerves intact. Non-vital whitening is done on teeth that don’t have live nerves, like the ones with root canal treatment done on them.

The whitening solution is applied to the stained teeth directly and activated by heat, especially through laser lights. Before applying the whitening gel to the teeth, the dentist makes sure to cover the gums with a substance that protects them from the whitening agent.


The whitening procedure can take anywhere between half an hour to an hour’s time, depending on the severity of the teeth discoloration. The number of sittings required is based on the same. The effectiveness of the treatment also depends on the degree of teeth discoloration and the matter that caused it.

Cleaning and whitening teeth on a regular basis is advisable to maintain proper oral and dental care. Visit is at Clearwater Smiles Dentistry to know more about teeth whitening. Call us at the number below or schedule online, we’d love to help you get the smile you deserve!