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What are dental implants and how can they improve your oral health?

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What are dental implants and how can they improve your oral health?


Despite the rise in awareness of dental care and procedures that can help reinstate teeth structure, the teeth-related problems continue to be on an upward swing. However, with continuous innovations, a number of long-term solutions have been identified which can help reduce these consistent dental issues; dental implants being one of them.

Dental implants treat the absence of a tooth (due to extraction) right at the root. These implants, typically a small post made of titanium are fitted to the spot from which the tooth was extracted. What makes these implants special is their quality of fusing with the actual bone, thus making a strong support for the implant which will last for many years to come.

The advent of implants has removed the dependence on dentures and the constant care they need. The daily removal and cleaning of dentures can become quite a bit of a hassle. The replacement tooth or the implant, not only looks like the natural teeth surrounding it, but also, does away with the filing of enamel of the surrounding teeth, a step that is necessary when fixing bridges to cover the affected tooth. Dr. Williams and his team at Clearwater Smiles Dentistry have years of experience in dental implants and will make sure that you receive the best treatment possible.


Here are few ways in which dental implants can benefit people seeking long term dental solutions:

• Better comfort

Dental implants do away with dentures which need to be removed and maintained on a daily basis. On the other hand, implants act much like your own teeth, and can be maintained well for a lifetime by following simple dental care and hygiene.

• Easier chewing

Crowns and dentures are susceptible to chipping, breakage, or even slipping out when subjected to too much pressure. Dental implants do away with these risks, as they are structurally rooted to the gum and fused with the bone, thus giving the teeth as much strength as a natural tooth would.


• Improves your smile

Knowing that your natural tooth has been replaced by a sturdier implant that not only looks like a natural tooth but functions like one, can help bring back that sunshine smile on your face. Teeth structure affects the way your jawline and face look. By substituting the extracted tooth with an implant, the face structure is restored and will not change for many years.

• No changes to surrounding teeth

One of the major benefits of dental implants is that it is not necessary to alter the state of the surrounding teeth in order to make an implant successful. Unlike crowns and bridges, the enamel of the teeth adjacent to the one being implanted is maintained completely. They do not need to be filed, leveled, or stuck to a crown with resin, unlike the aforementioned procedures.


• Better speech

Dentures often lead to people wearing them slur and mumble, as they are highly susceptible to slipping out. Dental implants free people wearing the same from some embarrassing moments and speech issues by staying tightly fixed to their place and aiding speech rather than distorting it.

• Convenience

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants over dentures, crowns and bridges is their sturdy nature and easy maintenance. They are not at the risk of slipping out of the mouth or chipping and breaking when subjected to high pressure chewing and grinding. In fact, by maintaining basic oral hygiene, people with dental implants can ensure they serve them well, all their life.

Dental implants have a success rate as high as 98%. Almost anyone who is cleared to undergo dental surgery and extraction can get a no-hassle dental implant. They are required to have healthy gums and bones to hold the implant and that’s all that is required. However, heavy smokers and people suffering from heart diseases or diabetes, or ones who have undergone radiation therapy in the neck and/or head area, need to consult a dentist, individually, to find out if a dental implant is a possible option for them.


Dental implants are conducted by professionals trained and experienced in restorative dentistry and dental surgery. Once the dentist has examined your mouth’s x-ray results thoroughly, they will then insert a small titanium post into the bone socket of the extracted tooth. The healing process takes about 6-12 weeks, during which the jaw bones heal, and the post gets fused to the bone. A replacement tooth, essentially a crown which looks like a natural tooth, is then attached to this post, creating the look of completely natural tooth with the same strength and structure.

Dental implants therefore make for a great functional and aesthetic substitute to bridges, dentures, and traditional crowns. An individual consultation with your dentist at Clearwater Smiles Dentistry can help you find out if it can be included in your dental restoration procedure. Contact us today.